Bare Metal Shelby Cobra Replica Selling For Half A Bar

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The finish of the bodywork is stunning.

What do the Ford GT40 and the Shelby Cobra have in common besides an affiliation with the Blue Oval, Carroll Shelby, and V8 power? Replicas of these cars are everywhere. With both cars being true icons of the automotive landscape, we can't blame people for wanting to experience a little taste of these rare and beautiful machines. Sometimes, these replicas can end up looking rather ugly thanks to their relatively cheap cost, but once in a while, a true beauty surfaces that makes us question if a replica can be better than the original. The 1965 model example below certainly qualifies on the beauty front, but that's not where the enhancements end.

RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's

This replica is by Kirkham Motorsports in Utah and features a body made not from painted aluminum or steel but hand-formed and unpainted bronze. It's been hand-polished and features those iconic racing stripes in a brushed finish, again avoiding the need to use paint. Polished stainless steel exhaust pipes on either side continue with the unpainted metal theme and add a nice contrast that is complemented by a chrome roll bar and a set of Halibrand-lookalike wheels complete with a reproduction of Mr. Shelby's famous signature. Pop the hood and you'll find even more chrome in the polished engine bay. By contrast, the cabin is finished in black leather with a leather-trimmed dashboard, but it all works beautifully.

RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's

If the classic styling and stunning bodywork don't grab your attention, the sound of that aforementioned engine surely will. With a Borla Induction throttle body fuel injection system, it doubtless has a glorious intake sound. Performance is exciting if not scary, with the 8.4-liter 427 FE V8 engine producing a mammoth 650 horsepower. With a five-speed manual gearbox mated to it, it's surely a riot to drive - not that it's likely to go out much. This car is being listed at RM Sotheby's for the eye-watering price of $475,000, more than you'd pay for nine Mustang Mach 1s. In all fairness, high-quality art is rarely cheap and this certainly qualifies as a masterpiece.

RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's RM Sotheby's
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