Special Edition

Bare Naked Carbon Leaves Little to the Imagination

Donkervoort reveals outrageously wicked special edition D8 GTO.

Severalmonths after revealing what was promised to be an "even meaner"looking edition of its D8 GTO, the Bilster Berg, Dutch boutique automakerDonkervoort has taken villainous to a whole new level. The company has just revealed the shocking Bare NakedCarbon Edition, a devilish special edition of the D8 that replaces what ordinarycars call paint with a transparent UV protective coating. And as its name wouldsuggest, the Bare Naked is proud to flaunt carbon fiber in nearly every orifice of its body.

Beyondits carbon fiber overdose – which includes everything from the car's headlight housing to its roll bar trimand ignition cylinder – this special edition is pretty much unchanged from thestandard D8. Underhood, it employs the same Audi 2.5 R5 TFSI engine, producingapproximately 380 horsepower. With the previous Bilster Berg edition pricedfrom 194,000 Euros and limited to just 14 units, expect the Bare Naked to be equally elusive and rare.

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