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Barn Find Porsche 912 is Instant Gratification

Restoring an old car isn't easy, but the end result makes the time, money, and possible headaches all worthwhile.

If there’s anything a real gearhead should do at some point in their life, it’s to restore an old car. It doesn’t matter what kind, so long as you take something old, rusty and dirty and turn it into a working vehicle. Some consider it a therapeutic process while for others it can be a massive headache. But in the end, the finished product is very much worth it. In this episode of Drive Clean, we’re shown an Irish Green 1966 Porsche 912 that’s been sitting in a barn for over 20 years.

Despite its age and huge swathes of cat hair, there’s a lot of life left in the 912, but it does need some tender loving care. So can it be restored? This 30-minute video, despite its length, is really worth watching if you love vintage cars, Porsches, and barn finds.

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