Basement-Built Countach Up For Sale

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Why save up for years to buy a Lamborghini Countach when you can build your own from scratch? Or you can buy this guy's homemade Countach.

Ken Imhoff isn't your typical Lamborghini Countach owner. Instead of saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to buy a real one from the Sant'Agata factory, he opted to build his own replica Countach from scratch and without the use of a donor car. Imhoff designed and fabricated the frame, installed a 351 cubic-inch Ford V8 mated to a ZF five-speed manual and even hand-formed the aluminum body. Painted in a metallic grey, the project took 10 years to finish.

But perhaps the most remarkable bit about this story is that Imhoff built the car entirely in his basement (he had to knock down a wall to drive the car outside when it was completed).

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Now this highly detailed Countach replica is up for sale on eBay. So why is a guy who devoted countless hours of hard work and a decade of his life selling his dream car? Imhoff explains all in the video. The bidding started on January 1st and as of this writing the top bid is $75,900, but of course the highest bidder will take home the prize.

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