Batman Gets Stunning Mercedes Concept As New Ride

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The whole Justice League will be rolling in Mercedes cars.

Cars and superheroes don't normally go together, but thanks to the popularity of comic book movies, car manufacturers want to get in on the action. We first saw Robert Downey Jr. driving an Audi R8 in the first Iron Man movie, but the Avengers switched to Acura and Black Panther will use Lexus. In Batman versus Superman, we only got to see Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne drive a lousy Jeep Renegade. Luckily, the new Justice League movie will give Affleck a car that is more befitting of a billionaire playboy that fights crime by night.

Mercedes will be the official car sponsor of the Justice League, which means that Bruce Wayne will be driving around in a very special AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept car. In the trailers, we get to see Affleck's Bruce Wayne pick up Ezra Miller's Barry Allen (aka the Flash) in this flashy Mercedes.

In order to fit Affleck's 6'4" frame, the car had to be rebuilt to be 110 percent of the size of the original concept. For movie purposes, the interior has actual racing seats and a virtual dashboard that will likely be changed in post-production. The concept car won't be the only Mercedes in the movie either.

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Gal Gadot's Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) will be driving a Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet in the movie. There will also be a Mercedes G-Class 4X4 Squared, although its role in the movie is currently unknown. We love the choice of cars for this movie. It is a huge improvement over previous DC films and is on par with the best cars in Marvel movies as well. Justice League will be in theaters on November 17, where we can see these badass cars and superheroes in action.

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