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If the Caped Crusader ever gave up the Tumbler...

Chances are that you've probably seen the man Batmobiles brought to life many times over the years. Real-life Batmobiles are always awesome, but what are even better are concept cars inspired by the Dark Knight's ride. These concepts seem to be designed especially for Bruce Wayne himself to fight crime in/pick up beautiful women. Although these cars will probably never make it off of the computer screen and onto the road it's still nice to think what if.

Desinger Slavche Tanevski has designed the ultimate Batmobile in the form of the Lamborghini Ankonia. The Ankonian is a conceptual supercar with a look straight out of a batman film. The built-in OLED lights are a nice touch, as is the reverse Cali lift. Brue Wayne would be pleased.

If Batman ever tried his hand at auto racing a la Tony Stark, then it is my belief that he would race in the Kinetia LMX. Sasank Gopinathan's Kinetia LMX is inspired by the endurance racers of Le Mans, specifically the Peugeot 908. The Kinetia LMX can seat two but has one glaring flaw: its rear grille looks just wide enough to shoot a set of photon torpedoes through.

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Kave Naser Bakht's Audi D7 concept is the luxury Batmobile the world has been waiting for. The D7 has an elongated nose and seems to borrow some of its design inspiration from "TRON." Long nose or not, TRON and Batman are a winning combination in my book.

The Smart Batmobile may not be a concept, but it's so ridiculous that it had to be put onto this list. This crime-fighting ForTwo was spotted at SEMA 2008 and was reportedly made available to the public in limited quantities. Bruce Wayne may disapprove.

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