Batmobiles, Redheads and Drag Racing – Sounds Like a Great Thursday

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What's better than a Batmobile drag racing? A pair of Batmobiles.

The crew of Super Power Beat Down have raced a pair of classic Batmobiles to see which one is faster. The 1960's Batmobile featured in the popular TV series (with main man Adam West) takes on the popular model from the 1989 Batman film (directed by Tim Burton). The 1966 Batmobile replica shown here is based on a Corvette C4 platform and runs on a L98 V8 good for somewhere in the range of 300-325hp. It hits a top speed of around 150-160mph.

The 1989 Batmobile features a Camaro front clip with a custom-built chassis. It features a 285hp V8 good for a top speed of about 180mph. The video is a bit long with plenty of intro, however at about 7 minutes you get the race and at 9 minutes you get host Marisha Ray scrubbing down the winner in a bikini. The car, that is.

Nerds Damian Beurer and Andy Liegl got to ride shotgun while a pair of pros drove the Batmobiles. It's a shame they couldn't drive them because, I mean, who wouldn't want to tool around in a Batmobile for a day?

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