Battery Suppliers Can't Keep Up With Insane Panamera Hybrid Demand

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Customers may have to wait for their hybrid Porsche.

Earlier this month we reported that hybrid versions of the Porsche Panamera have been selling extremely well. In fact, 60% of all Panamera buyers have opted for some kind of hybrid model since sales began last June. Porsche continues to pump out awesome hybrids like the 680 hp Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, and sales should increase even further with the release of the all-electric Mission E. Electrified Porsches are so popular, Reuters now reports, that battery suppliers may be unable to keep up with the massive demand.

Gerd Rupp, head of Porsche's Leipzig plant (where the Panamera is built), said the factory's total output has doubled within the last 12 months. Around 8,000 Panamera hybrids will be built this year, and Rupp said that "At present we are able to meet customer demand well, but there are limits because we are dependent on the capacities of battery suppliers. As a buyer we had originally projected different volumes (of battery systems needed), the effects can be seen in longer delivery times of currently 3-4 months for Panamera hybrid models." It looks like fans of the Panamera hybrid may have to wait a while to take delivery of their new car.

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We love that Porsche is creating hybrid models that are both fast and efficient. Clearly Porsche is heading in the right direction because people are clamoring for these new hybrid models. Eventually, the battery suppliers should catch up and this temporary delay will simply be seen as growing pains.