Battle of Batmobiles: Are You Adam West or Ben Affleck?

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Or are you somewhere in between?

The world is about to be introduced to not only a new Batman, but also a new Batmobile – with Ben Affleck behind the wheel. All Affleck jokes and/or criticisms aside, from what we can tell from the two images revealed, the next Batmobile looks pretty damn good. It seems to combine some elements of the Tumbler, such as the big rear wheels, and the long hood, like on the Tim Burton Batmobile.

Jennifer Graylock/Ford Motor Company

Everyone has their favorite ride for the Dark Knight. Some even yearn for Adam West's Lincoln-based set of four wheels. So this begs the question: Are you old school Adam West or new age Ben Affleck? Or are you somewhere in between? There's a lot there after all. Let us know in the comments and poll ahead.

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