Battle Of The Four-Door Brawn: Model S P100D vs AMG E63 S vs HSV GTSR

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Four doors, lots of luxury, and even more horsepower. What a time to be alive.

Of the 26 letters in the alphabet, F is the one to concern yourselves with if you want any fun. It prefaces the very word fun, but in mathematical equations conducted in the field of physics, it stands for force, the derivative of multiplying mass times acceleration. In years past, high acceleration was reserved for cars without much mass, think supercars and sports cars, because less force was available from the engines of the day. Not so anymore.

Just like Walmart and Costco represent an age of vast material wealth available for cheap, the Tesla Model S P100D, HSV GTSR, and Mercedes-AMG E63 S are symbols of the horsepower era. These three are standouts, not just because each is given a level of horsepower on par with modern supercars, but because each also has four doors and spacious cabins full of luxury amenities.

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The mass of a car that can be considered fast has grown considerably, but if acceleration numbers keep dropping, it's force that's seen the most impressive growth. Thing is, technological advances has made it so force can be delivered in many ways: through the rear wheels from a supercharged engine like in the old days, out to all four wheels through sophisticated all-wheel drive systems controlled by computers, or even using electric motors fed by floor-mounted batteries. It stands a fact that each of these three cars are impressive in their own right, but which is the best jack of all trades?

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