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Battle of the Mustang Shelby GT500s: 1967 Vs. 2010

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Is it even possible to pick a winner?

This one is tough. There are two Mustang Shelby GT500s to compare here. One is a 1967, the other a one-off 2010 Patriot Edition. The original is powered by a custom-built Shelby 355 horsepower "Police Interceptor" V8. The 2010 packs a blown 5.4-liter V8 with an insane 540 hp. Looking at output alone, there's obviously no question which one dominates. The Patriot Edition is faster and more refined than its 60s forbearer. But did it inherit the same charm? Seriously, the 1967 GT500 is damn near irreplaceable.

It's the original that started it all. It doesn't need a supercharger or any sort of creature comforts. Badass pure and simple, that's what it is. And on this latest episode of Generation Gap, our hosts do their best to come up with a winner. Although really, there is no comparison and the winning choice is beyond obvious.

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