BattleDrift 2 Brings The Fight Out Of A Lamborghini Murcielago And Nissan GT-R

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Even though each car costs more than six figures, there's no holding back in this race.

Call it a primal human desire, a result of synapses left tangled together since the days of cave paintings and crude stone arrows, but our species has a certain romance with violence. Fighting is an exciting thing, if it wasn't then video games like Call of Duty wouldn't be a multibillion dollar industry and Floyd Mayweather certainly wouldn't have earned enough cash to buy every supercar in our wildest fantasies. But there are better ways to take it out than by hurting other people.

Our favorite scapegoat happens to be rubber, specifically rubber that's been precision crafted into donut-shaped objects that are then strapped onto cars making hefty horsepower figures. Cars like the Lamborghini Murcielago and Nissan GT-R. Both have been modified because in this contest, no holds barred is the rule.

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This battle between east and west, Italy and Japan, is an act of violent non-violence that'll satisfy your craving for action without the guilt of watching a live snuff show like the Romans used to do for fun. The two cars wear Monster Energy logos and sponsor stickers over their custom body kits, and despite the somewhat ugly exterior design, the mission is to get as close as possible to one another without touching the other car. Things get interesting when a custom jump-happy Jeep joins the duo and hops over the two supercars while they lay black stripes down on the road.

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