Batventador is Pure Lambo Awesomeness

This black Lamborghini Aventador has a Batman emblem painted on its hood - an absolutely brilliant idea.

Coming to us directly from the Circuit of Americas in Austin, Texas is this black Lamborghini Aventador. And yes, it proudly wears Batman’s logo on its hood. Call it the Batventador, if you will, but we’re surprised that no one thought of doing something like this before. It’s totally awesome. The only thing that could have made this video even better would have been an appearance by any of the Batmobiles, specifically the 1989 Tim Burton car or the Tumbler.

Just imagine for a moment what that would look like on the track. So if there’s anyone out there with direct access to any of those vehicles or even replicas, be so kind and find the owner of the Batventador and arrange a track day. The world will instantly become a cooler place.

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