BBC Beware: Anonymous Aren't Happy About Clarkson


We get the feeling that this story is going to keep getting weirder for a while.

Fans of the BBC show Top Gear have been none too pleased with the decision to suspend the host Jeremy Clarkson following an alleged incident involving a producer. Online petitions to have him reinstated have racked up hundreds of thousands of signatures by the time of this writing, but some fans have decided to take it a bit further. The hacker group Anonymous has threatened the BBC with a DDoS attack on the corporation's website if Clarkson is not reinstated.

Calling the campaign #OpBringBackClarkson, a Twitter account known to be associated with the group warned that "DDoS cannons will fire if you do not comply." There has been no response from the BBC. A DDoS attack is one where the target is overwhelmed with requests and simply shuts down. It's not a particularly sophisticated style of attack, and some say it really can't even be considered hacking. But it is effective, at least for a short time, and will likely be successful in bringing down the BBC website if Anonymous decides to go through with it.

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