Be Honest: Would You Buy A Mid-Engined Corvette?

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Come on, at least admit you'll go for a test drive.

It's finally happening. The mid-engined Corvette that Chevrolet has long wanted to do but didn't because of a lack of money and/or the balls to inflame the passions of Vette enthusiasts. Well, Baby Boomers, the Corvette's biggest fans, won't be around forever and younger generations are more open to change. The global competition is heating to a boiling point; either do something drastic or be left behind. By 2018, the currently-in-development C8 Corvette will arrive, with the flagship Zora ZR1 to launch first.

Only a few years after that, the entire Corvette lineup will switch platforms and the engine will permanently rest just behind the driver, just as Corvette godfather Zora Arkus-Duntov always wanted. No doubt it'll be a radical change from the Corvette we've always known. So our question to you is whether you'd actually buy a mid-engined Corvette? Would that be sacrilegious, or simply the urge to own the greatest sports car America can currently build? We open the floor to you.

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