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Be Prepared To Pay $70,000 For A Land Rover Defender In The US

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Really, that's the price.

The Land Rover Defender hasn't been sold in the US for nearly 20 years. Although it just went out of production in its native England, new Defenders haven't been shipped stateside since 1997. In fact, it was only imported to the US for four model years. That's right. Four. So why wasn't it allowed to return? Airbags. After 1998, US law required them and Land Rover didn't want to comply. The easiest solution was to end US market exports. And that was that, but here's the really interesting thing:

Those US market defenders are worth serious money today, as Doug DeMuro points out. How much? One in really good condition could go for $100,000. Most cars depreciate over time. The US-spec Defender apparently doesn't. Unreliable. Unsafe. Lack of power. Yep. People will pay big time for all of that.

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