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Be The First To Track This McLaren P1 GTR

For Sale / 4 Comments

Hardcore hypercar was ordered by some rich guy and never driven.

It has only 120 miles on its odometers and over 980 hp. Zero to 60 mph takes just 2.8 seconds and it's track-only. This McLaren P1 GTR, the first of its kind to reach American shores, is now, thankfully, up for sale. As you can tell, the original owner never tracked it and the likely reason why is money. It was probably purchased as an investment and nothing more. There are even some customized styling bits to make it even more exclusive. This is the real deal.

Listed on Canepa.com, it specifically states this 2016 McLaren P1 GTR was "never raced or tracked". Unfortunately, there's no crime against that but now is your opportunity to set the universe right. The asking price is not being made available online so you'll have to pick up the phone and call Canepa for a quote.

This hybrid hypercar has also been equipped with a removable passenger seat so that others can share your joy as you whip it around the world's best race tracks. Plus, it'd be tons of fun to scare the crap out of inexperienced passengers. The P1 GTR's 1.54G cornering abilities and 217 mph top speed will do that. Stopping power is equally impressive. Slam on the brakes at 60 mph and you'll be at standstill after just 85 feet. Power comes from a mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 linked to a high-performance electric motor.

The large fixed-wing features an F1-derived Drag Reduction System designed for straight line speed, while the Papaya Orange wing mirrors have been repositioned to the A-pillars so that they're closer to the driver's view of vision. They also help to reduce aerodynamic drag.

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The interior has been stripped of all creature comforts but there is a video recording system to document all of your track naughtiness. Compared to the road-legal P1, the P1 GTR has also been lowered and has 19-inch motorsport wheels taken straight from the 650S GT3 racer.

Whoever ends up purchasing this one-of-a-kind McLaren P1 GTR needs to do the right thing by it. We all know what that is.