Watch A Bear Try To Boost A Lexus Crossover

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Everyone needs a little extra cargo space, and picnic baskets.

It seems bears aren't as brand loyal as humans. Soon after this website went live a decade ago, we reported on a young grizzly shredding the inside of a Toyota Sequoia. Skip ahead eight years, and we have a bear breaking into a Subaru. In 2020 a bear nearly jacked a Mercedes- Benz E Class sedan.

So, what are bears into these days? Well, this might not come as a surprise, but like human Americans, bears seem to be into the whole crossover thing. The most recent bear jacking involved a Lexus RX, suggesting that bears are now in the "Karen" phase. As if they weren't already dangerous enough.

The clip went live on Twitter on September 19 and sits at just under 5 million views. It shows an unfortunate woman approaching her Lexus, not realizing that a black bear was already in the process of claiming it for himself.

Thankfully, she knew the difference between what to do when a black bear attacks versus what to do during a grizzly encounter. If a brown bear or grizzly attacks, you should play dead. If you are attacked by a black bear, you should run away. If that isn't possible, attack it with something.

After an unsuccessful attempt to trap it in the car, she launched a masterful three-pronged attack on the bear, running away, screaming, and using what appears to be apples as a distraction. This gave her enough opportunity to escape, though the young bear wasn't rattled for long. Thankfully, he lost interest in the Lexus and proceeded towards the apples.


A longer clip was shared on YouTube, showing just how familiar this young bear was with a car's door handle. This was most certainly not his first attempt at grand theft auto. He has no problem opening the door and getting inside, proving once again that bears have become used to cars having food in them.

We don't know much else about the video, but we assume the bear eventually left. There is no footage of the car's interior, but leather and bear claws aren't a match made in heaven. The woman survived, but since bears are now in the Karen phase, this particular black bear likely asked to speak to her manager after the unfortunate incident.


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