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Beater Bomb Mustang Loses Rear Axle in Epic Fail

Driver's pride more hurt than his three-wheeled Stang.

In the world of street and drag racing, the Beater Bomb has built up quite the reputation for taking on all comers and showing them whose boss. Powered by a 500-hp 5.3-liter nitrous-injected engine, the Fox body Mustang tends to piss people off. So at the recent Street Car Takeover KC, onlookers – including 1320video – were loving it when after laying down a 8.13-second quarter-mile, the Beater Bomb’s rear passenger-side axle came clean off, piercing the side of the body as the wheel bounced around the track.

Not shy to show how they really feel, there was no sympathy for the Beater Bomb’s driver who after assessing the damage, looked like he was ready for a good cry.

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