Beautiful Porsche GT3 Has Massive Nurburgring Wipeout Due To BMW Foul Play

Bavaria sabotages Stuttgart in German car cvil war.

Fans of James Bond movies love a good spy car chase due to the weaponized gadgets like missiles and slick oil that get deployed during the brutal car battles. However, the Nurburgring is not the time or place for any car to deploy anti-chase measures whether it's a spy car or not. This Porsche 911 GT3 was the victim of an E36 BMW’s attempt to be cast in a Bond flick when the Bimmer retched its coolant onto the track and caused the rear-engine Porsche to slip and crash into the barrier.

Much like a Bond villain after a stealthy attack, the poor Porsche driver didn’t even know what hit him. Drivers beware: the GT3 is a car that does not play well in slick road conditions.

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