Because Going In A Straight Line Is Everything That Makes A Supercar Special?


It's GT-R vs. 458 Speciale vs. 650S.

A supercar drag race is always fun to watch, let alone participate in. But isn't there more to supercars than just racing them in a straight line? What about twisty tracks and mountain roads? If you're going for outright speed then fine, a drag race works. But if you want to learn the real personality of a supercar, you also need to see how it handles, feels, and responds. Drag racing, however, is a great way to test out, for example, launch control. What about RWD versus AWD; which is better for that quarter-mile sprint?

Autocar recently pitted a Nissan GT-R against a Ferrari 458 Speciale and a McLaren 650S. Godzilla has a reputation for dominating drag races (that's AWD for you), but one of the two other cars actually surprised us with its impressive performance. But honestly, we'd drive home any of these three in a heartbeat.


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