Drag Race

Because Why The Hell Can't You Race A Hellcat And A Jaguar F-Type R?

Talk about a cat fight.

They really couldn’t be more different, aside from having two doors, supercharged V8s, and a ridiculous amount of horsepower. 1,257 hp, to be exact. But the Jaguar F-Type R, in this case, is an all-wheel-drive roadster with a British heritage while the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is a huge rear-wheel-drive coupe. It's a true muscle car only American could build. Obviously the latter weighs quite a bit more, but does its extra 157 hp really contribute here? Only way to find out is to pit them against each other in a drag race.

Right, we know this isn’t the most conventional pairing, but being able to call this a cat fight surely counts for something, doesn’t it?

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