Becoming A Ford GT Service Center Is Going To Cost Dealerships Over $30,000

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Selling the car? Awesome. Servicing it? Not so much.

The new Ford GT is a very, very special car. That much we know just by looking at it and reading its performance specs. But like Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, with great power comes great responsibility. As such Ford isn't letting just any old service tech work on the GT. No, a leaked document first picked up by All Ford Mustangs details just what a dealership has to do if it wants to become a certified GT service center. It's actually a lot of work and isn't cheap. Just how much cash are we talking here?


If a dealership wants to be able to service the GT it'll need to pony up over $30,000. Almost all of that cost goes towards a special enclosed transport trailer. If the GT needs to be picked up and delivered back to the owner requesting service it must be moved in this special trailer, with Ford suggesting the JIMGLO Elite trailer to do the job. The rest of the costs are relatively small by comparison and consist of special equipment that must be purchased (a transmission jack adapter and GoJak 4520 wheel lift dollies) along with technician training. In order to work on the car, Master Ford technicians must undergo special training in Markham, Ontario (Canada). There they will be schooled by the folks at Multimatic, aka the people who build the car.

What's most interesting is that in the event of a complex job, Multimatic will send a "Fly-in Doctor" to assist the onsite tech. Also, repairs can be performed at a client's home should a unique situation arise. While this may seem over the top at first it's actually a sensible solution from Ford. For starters, the entire GT ownership process is designed to make those who actually get their hands on the car feel special. You have to earn the right to own a GT, and once you get yours you should continue feeling special whether you're breaking necks on the street or having your car towed in a transport trailer for a routine oil change or other routine maintenance.

Ford isn't exactly known for making supercars. Therefor it needs to go all out to ensure that its service techs know exactly what they're doing. People paying $400,000 for a supercar don't want to deal with untrained mechanics messing around with their ride or see their car sitting in the shop waiting to be serviced as a Focus gets worked on first.

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