Beer and Soft Drink Cans Are Also Automotive Art

We've seen plenty of alternative forms of automotive art over the years, but when it comes to crafting thin aluminum, a one Sandy Sanderson draws his inspiration from a love of cars. The Hamilton, New Zealand based artist takes beer and soft drink cans and crafts them into highly detailed replicas of hot rods, jeeps, and numerous other automotive classics. If you look closely enough, you can also see the amount of detail Sanderson has put into the suspension, engine, and wheels.

Even the interiors feature the gauges, gear shift, and hand brake, amongst other things. Personally, I like the Jeep replica made from Bitter Beer cans with its cylinder heads sprouting through the hood and detailed axles. Sanderson claims that each car takes up to a month to complete from start to finish. Remember, however, that fine art doesn't come cheap. Prices range from $470 to over $1,500 USD.

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