Bees Set Up Home on Nissan Micra

Swarms of black-and-yellow insects causing a buzz in the UK.

The UK is enjoying unseasonal warmth at present, and it’s sending the local bee population a little bit skew whiff. In one of a series of bee-related incidents, around 20,000 of the insects took up residence on a local student's Nissan Micra in the seaside resort of Southsea. The bees are thought to have followed the Queen bee when they nested under the car’s wheel arch. A bee collector was swiftly called in to round up the colony of European honey bees, which are in the midst of swarming season.

Other incidents causing a buzz include the closure of a school after it was invaded by a swarm of bees, and 5,000 bees transformed the shop front of a popular store in central London into a wall of insects.

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