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Before It Gets Replaced, Kia K900 Will Get More Expensive

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A new K900 is on the way, but the old one is still being improved.

The Kia K900 has only been on the market since 2015, but an all-new model is fast approaching. In fact, Kia already teased its new full-size sedan earlier this week. Still, we don't expect too many changes to be made under the skin of the new K900. That hasn't stopped Kia from upgrading the car already on dealer lots. According to Cars Direct, the 2018 model just went through some interesting changes. Order guides show more standard equipment accompanied by higher price tags.

The base Kia K900 V6 Premium will now come standard with a shift-by-wire gear selector, previously found in the more expensive V6 Luxury trim. The Premium model also adds upgraded wood interior trim, a heated steering wheel, and a dual-opening center console. Pricing will start at $51,850, which is a $1,000 increase over the 2017 model. The mid-level V6 Luxury model receives the biggest changes. The Luxury trim will now come standard with everything previously included in the 2017 VIP Package, which included a 16-way power driver seat, power-adjustable headrests, power reclining and ventilated rear seats, soft-close doors, head-up display, 360 camera, AEB, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control.

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All of these extra features come at a price of $5,000; the same as when it was an optional package. Interestingly, the V8 model will still keep the VIP Package as a $6,000 option. With a new model on the way, Kia is offering up to $15,550 in incentives on competitive lease payments. Perhaps this will help Kia move more K900s before the new model arrives.