Behind-The-Scenes Footage Proves Jason Bourne's Stunt Drivers Have The Best Jobs

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Even the camera chase jobs don't have it too bad either.

For decades the Bond series gave adrenaline junkies and gearheads alike their fix of explosions, chase scenes, and gadget-riddled cars, until Jason Bourne came around and ruined everything. It's not that James Bond was any less cool, it's just that Ian Fleming's imagination gave the international man of mystery laser watches and missile grille inserts to outrun his opponents while Jason Bourne used Stig-like maneuvers to come out on top.

That's why we can't wait for the newest film to hit the theaters, but for now we'll have to satiate our hunger for action with some behind-the-scenes action showing how these epic scenes are recorded. Skip to the 2:50 minute mark to see the chase footage.

Jasin Boland
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