Behind the Scenes for "Mad Medusa's" GT-R Record Run

More high end GT-R action from the guys at SVM.

You might recall a very recent post about the “Mad Medusa”, the world’s fastest Nissan GT-R, built by Severn Valley Motorsports in the UK. This tuning shop, located in the small town of Telford, Birmingham, has become the top tuner shop for the GT-R in Europe, and is currently pushing to have more of a worldwide presence. We’ve got a couple of videos from them today, one of a new European quarter-mile record for the GT-R and one of a previous project, dubbed “The Hulk."

The first video actually shows a bit of the prep work which went into the making of the record, excluding the actual building of the beast, of course.

The second video is of “The Hulk”, an appropriately green piece of machinery which can hit 218.01mph in a one-mile run.

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