Behind the Scenes for "Mad Medusa's" GT-R Record Run


More high end GT-R action from the guys at SVM.

You might recall a very recent post about the “Mad Medusa”, the world’s fastest Nissan GT-R, built by Severn Valley Motorsports in the UK. This tuning shop, located in the small town of Telford, Birmingham, has become the top tuner shop for the GT-R in Europe, and is currently pushing to have more of a worldwide presence. We’ve got a couple of videos from them today, one of a new European quarter-mile record for the GT-R and one of a previous project, dubbed “The Hulk."

The first video actually shows a bit of the prep work which went into the making of the record, excluding the actual building of the beast, of course.

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The second video is of “The Hulk”, an appropriately green piece of machinery which can hit 218.01mph in a one-mile run.

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