Behind the Scenes of Forza Horizon

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Forza leaves the track and takes you behind the scenes of its upcoming new video game for Xbox 360.

Video racing fans are counting down until October 23. That's when Forza Horizon hits shelves and the wait is over. The fifth installment in the popular Forza video game series for Xbox, Forza Horizon takes the action off the track and onto the street. Which all sounds nice and all, but what it actually means is that you can drive anywhere. ANYWHERE. That includes city streets and country roads, and means the ability to leave the pavement, drive through a fence and down miles upon miles of dirt roads.

It means changing light conditions and night racing, and it means dodging traffic, not just passing other racecars. It all adds up to what looks like a revolution in driving simulators, and we can hardly wait. To see what's gotten us so excited, check out this first Behind the Scenes video released by the game's programmers at Turn 10 Studios.

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