Behold All 6,697-HP Of Insanity In The World's Greatest Drag Race

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The winner is a car that's sure to remain in our memories for a long time.

Oh baby, it's finally time for the World's Greatest Drag Race. A time where some of the most exciting cars to debut this year line up in a row on a long strip of runway and try to see which can hit the horizon first. It's usually a festival of exhaust notes and adrenaline, and while that's not changed much, anyone hoping that the winner would exhibit the former is in for a disappointment. Not like the fall will be too hard. In the mix is 6,697 horsepower divided among twelve cars for an average output of 558 horsepower.

Of course, each of these cars puts the power down differently than the other with enough discrepancy to make this event-which is already a playtime of sorts-feel like a serious engagement. Last year saw the Audi R8 V10 Plus take the win.

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We won't give away the winner aside from the previous hints and the fact it's made by an American automaker, but despite the various cut scenes and suspicions raised after seeing a few of the faster runner-up contenders tap the brakes somewhere in the race, the competition proves to be an on the edge of your seat kind of ordeal. Root for whichever car you like, but it's the one we've all gotten to love and hate at the same time that takes the W. Serious question: would it be cheating to add another 2017 reveal, the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, into the mix even though we know it'd cream its competitors? Even if it's just for reference? We hope to find out next year.

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