Behold The First Ever Working Tesla Model S Shooting Brake


Over a year in the making, the world's first Tesla Model S wagon is now practically complete.

There's been a lot of talk about Tesla Model S shooting brakes lately, as not one, but two models are currently being developed by different companies – and neither of them are being made by Tesla, ironically. Dutch coachbuilder RemetzCar recently revealed some design renders showing us what its upcoming Tesla Model S shooting brake, which will be limited to just 20 examples, will look like when the project is completed next year. However, a British coachbuilding company known as Qwest Automotive is about to beat its competitor to the punch.

Over a year in the making, a Twitter post reveals that the world's first Tesla Model S shooting brake is practically complete. Dubbed the P90D-SB, the exterior of Qwest Automotive's custom Tesla Model S Shooting Brake is now finished according to Autocar, but the interior still needs to be completed. A video shared on the company's Twitter page also shows that it's fully working, as we get to see it start up and move. The car is connected to the Tesla network, so it retains the digital systems of the regular Model S. The car's bespoke rear section of the car is made from carbon fiber by a specialist part manufacturer that usually crafts Formula One car components and is bonded to the car's aluminium chassis.

Qwest Norfolk

The project was started all because of a dog, believe it or not. Back in January 2016, a Tesla owner wanted more space in the trunk for their dog in their Model S, so they enlisted Qwest to convert it into a shooting brake. Eventually, Qwest will be offering the shooting brake conversion to other Model S owners at a cost of around £70,000 ($93,829) to complete, excluding the cost of the donor car. Qwest hasn't released any information about the aerodynamics of the car's new rear, but the coachbuilder is hoping to set a new record for the fastest-accelerating station wagon. That means it will have to beat the 3.4 second 0-62 mph time of the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Turbo S E-Hybrid.

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