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Behold The New And Improved Bugatti Chiron Sport

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Yours for a cool $3.6 million.

After last week's surprise teaser, Bugatti has revealed a new version of the Chiron to the world at the Geneva Motor Show two years after the original hypercar debuted. Called the Chiron Sport, the new hypercar is lighter, more agile, and has improved handling over its predecessor. Notice we didn't say more powerful – that's because the Chiron Sport has the same 16 cylinder 8.0-liter engine as the standard car with 1,479 hp on tap. Sadly, this isn't the more potent Chiron Super Sport we were hoping for.

Nevertheless, the Chiron Sport benefits from a new handling package that makes the hypercar more track-friendly. Bugatti's engineers have tweaked the shock absorbers by making them 10 percent stiffer than the standard car. Steering has also been modified without sacrificing the "outstanding direct feel" of the Chiron. These settings are activated in the Handling mode of the Chiron Sport. In addition, the rear differential has been optimized, and the car now features a Dynamic Torque Vectoring function effective in all driving modes that distributes torque individually to the wheels on each side. Bugatti says this significantly improves the steering and agility in tight corners.

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The Chiron Sport is more nimble too, thanks to the use of new lightweight parts that reduce the weight by 39 pounds. New lightweight wheels were added along with increased use of carbon fiber. The Chiron Sport is the first production car to feature windshield wipers made from carbon fiber, meaning that Bugatti no longer uses the articulated joints normally found on conventional wipers. Aluminium wiper arm tips are also produced using a weight-saving 3D printing process, reducing the overall weight of the new carbon fiber wipers by 77 percent. There's also lighter glass in the rear window and a new, lighter exhaust deflector.

Further distinguishing the Chiron Sport are new "Course" alloy wheel rims and a new exhaust deflector, which has four round tailpipes instead of the rectangular design used on the Chiron as we saw in the teaser. Elsewhere, the engine starter button and driving mode selector knob on the steering wheel have an anodised black finish, and a "Sport" logo adorns the door sill strips. An insert on the central console also has an embroidered "Chiron Sport" logo. "We have developed the Chiron Sport for customers wanting an even sportier driving experience with their Chiron, with improved lateral dynamics on winding roads," said Bugatti president Stephan Winkelmann.

"What was important for us was to leave unchanged the unique character of the Chiron, its combination of ultimate performance, longitudinal acceleration and maximum speed with luxury, comfort and everyday usability. The Chiron Sport has become perceptibly more nimble and its new agility, especially in tight corners makes for a much more emotional experience for the driver on winding roads and handling circuits." New color and trim options are available for the Chiron Sport, including the striking red and black two-tone scheme on the showcar featured in press shots. A red "16" is positioned prominently on the grille signifying the car's 16 cylinder engine.

Other colors available include "French Racing Blue," the silver tone "Gris Rafale," and a dark grey "Gun Powder." Inside, the interior is predominately black, and features three different materials including an Alcantara roof liner, leather seats and door trims, and a carbon fiber dashboard and steering column. The Chiron Sport being displayed at Geneva with an optional color and trim package costs a whopping $3.6 million, which Bugatti says "probably makes it the most expensive production car on display at this year's show". We don't doubt it.