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Behold: The Toyota 86 Lamborghini Urus Pickup

Tokyo Auto Salon / Comments

That’s one crazy motoring mashup.

The Tokyo Auto Salon can always be relied upon each year to provide some of the more interesting and outlandish concepts in the motoring world. Being one of the biggest auto shows around for modified and tuned cars (think Japanese SEMA), there are vehicles on display from established auto firms, custom shops and even automotive vocational schools.

One such school, the Nihon Automobile College (NATS), has been preparing a vehicle they have called the Urus86, which is essentially a Toyota 86 that has been converted into something resembling a dune buggy pick-up truck with inspiration for its lines taken from the Lamborghini Urus Super SUV.

There is no doubt that it is an impressive engineering feat although the transformation from rendering to real thing has lost a bit of the Lamborghini Urus influence in the process. The front end still features styling elements from the Urus, especially in the lower section, but the rest of the vehicle is clearly a severely modified Toyota 86.

Those wide unpainted wheel arches and pick-up truck rear end look rather odd but this design looks like it would make for one seriously capable off-roader. The 20-inch wheels and modified suspension set up look ready to tackle the nearest rally stage, and thanks to an under-hood modification that many Toyota 86 fans have been clamouring for, it has the horsepower for it too.

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That is because the NATS students decided to turbocharge the 2.0-liter flat-four to boost power from 205 hp to a much more agreeable 270 hp. Torque too is up from a limp-wristed 156 lb-ft to 224 lb-ft. These numbers may not be a match for the Urus' 641 hp and 627 lb-ft outputs, but this micro-truck should still be more than nippy enough for most.

This may not quite be the Urus super-pickup the rendering promised but it sure would look awesome painted in Mad Max matte black with a few extra tailpipes sticking out the sides.