Being Handcuffed In The Rear Seat Of This Chevy Caprice Cop Car Is Not Fun


Is getting arrested ever fun?

To be completely honest, no one was placed under arrest for the making of our latest unboxing review, a Chevrolet Caprice police car. We figured it'd be good enough to demonstrate what it's like to be handcuffed, placed in a vinyl-covered rear seat, and buckled into place. Trust us, it's not at all comfortable. Thanks to the Palo Alto, California Police Department, we were given exclusive access to this V8-powered, RWD Caprice cop car and, well, let's just say being up front is preferred.

With a total of 335 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque on tap, this Chevy cop car is the real deal, meaning it's a patrol car, unlike the previous Ford Interceptor Utility which was a supervisor's car.

Speeders and anyone else disobeying the law are probably very familiar with cop cars like this Caprice. Not surprisingly, it even has a "Surveillance Mode." What other cool features does it have? Want to learn a bit cop car trivia? No problem. Just watch our new video.

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