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Being Pagani's Test Driver is the Best Job in the World


We should all be extremely jealous of this man.

Davide Testi loves going to work every day. That’s because he drives Paganis for a living. Hey, someone has got to professionally try out Horacio Pagani’s latest masterpieces before they reach customers. Obviously Testi takes his job very seriously. After completing his studies, Testi went to work for Pagani, but his first task was to clean the floors. He worked his way up through the carbon fiber composition department as well as other areas for two years before he began serving as Pagani’s test driver.

But it’s not all just about driving fast around a track; Testi is also heavily involved in development and he worked with Pagani for eight years perfecting the Huayra. Yes, you should be jealous of this man. And you’ll be even more so after you watch this feature interview courtesy of the /Drive Network.

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