Believe It Or Not, The New Toyota Prius Will Be Uglier Than Its Predecessor

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You won't believe this new design.

The Toyota Prius is currently a sales success and millions of people will loyally defend their 40 mpg hatchback. Millions of others however, and most gearheads, despise the pitiful creation. It has strange styling, low performance and nothing that would make it very enjoyable to drive. With 2016 approaching quickly, photos of the 2017 model year is already being leaked. Here are the first few pictures of the new Prius courtesy of photographer Brian Williams-beware, it might hurt your eyes if you look too long.

Toyota will still sell these weird little cars so it might ruin your day to see the highway flooded with them on your daily commute. It appears that Toyota is trying to make the car look sportier in a similar fashion as the new Camry and Corolla. These photos are not high-quality and do not show the entire car since it hasn't even been released yet. What do you think? Did Toyota mess up with this redesign or have a breakthrough? Either way, we will surely see more photos when it is officially released to the public.

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