Test Drive

Believe It Or Not, the Radical RXC is Street Legal

It even looks wicked fast at a standstill.

The Radical RXC, or any Radical for that matter, is not your typical car. It looks like a race car. And technically, it is. It also happens to be street legal. Radical Sports Cars has been in business since 1997, founded by a pair of amateur racers. They started off building open-cockpit cars that could be used on both road and track without any sort of modification. And now, for the first time, Radical has launched its first coupe, the RXC. Power comes from a twin-turbo Ford V6, or an in-house built-V8.

But just because it’s street legal, doesn’t mean the RXC, or any Radical, is something anyone can handle. The guys at XCAR get behind the wheel and explain why. Photos courtesy of Radical Sports Cars

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