Belumbury Presents its DANY City Car

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Italian class comes in small packages.

One of the newest Italian automakers recently debuted its stylish electric city car at the Milan International Motorcycle Show (EICMA), where the diminutive two-door vehicle managed to gatecrash the two-wheeled event. Available as both a pure-electric quadricycle (a category it occupies due to the 59mph top speed) or with a two-cylinder 500cc gasoline engine, the electric Dany has an AC motor that drives the wheels and that's fed by a 16.3kWh lithium iron phosphate battery.

Its capacity is 13hp and 103lb-ft of torque, offering a 112-mile range in Eco mode and 90 miles in Race mode. The chassis is a steel tube construction with composite plastic bodies, and it has reasonable technology in the form of 4-wheel disc brakes and MacPherson struts suspension.

An 8.4-meter turning radius is possible in the rear-wheel-drive, and there seems to be a well-finished interior more than comfortable for city dwellers to zip around town in. Availability and price has not been mentioned by the Rome-based manufacturer but distribution is likely to be limited to Europe.

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