Ben Affleck Trades In His Hellcat For The Batmobile To Surprise Fans

Fortunately he wasn't inside a Jeep Renegade.

Ben Affleck has some pretty awesome cars, but none are cooler than the new Batmobile. In a perfect world the actor would get to take the Caped Crusader’s ride home with him once filming ended. Of course we don’t live in a perfect world, so Affleck had to settle for this: a good-natured prank video. The actor takes his seat in the cockpit and surprises members of the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. It’s especially cool because right before he reveals himself the crowd is asked to choose between Batman or Superman.

Maybe it’s just the editing, but a lot of people really seem to prefer Superman. After mugging for photos and letting kids inside the Batmobile, Affleck takes the car out onto the lot to shock some more fans. After watching this video we’re still unconvinced that Superman would lose to Batman in a fight. That being said we’d much rather visit Batman’s garage.

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