BenSopra Tunes the Lamborghini Gallardo

BenSopra is back with their take on the Gallardo supercar.

BenSopra, the new tuners out of Japan, have already created a huge buzz around the internet with their take on the Nissan GT-R. Their second project involves a Lamborghini Gallardo with a new body kit and a sleek new styling design. Though not many details have been released about the performance of the fixed-up Lamborghini, we can be sure it has been enhanced after seeing their 1,000hp version of the GT-R last week.

What we can definitely deduce from these photos is that a shiny and smooth new body kit has been added to the Italian supercar. In addition to the body kit, which includes new front and rear bumpers, comes a fixed rear wing. Black accents are also being made available for the modest sum of 699,930 Japanese Yen. The BenSopra Lamborghini Gallardo has already been made, however details are still being kept a secret. Check out the live photos and renderings and leave your thoughts on BenSopra's latest project.

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