Bentley Already Wants Another SUV - Even Before Its First One Has Been Revealed

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Getting a little greedy are we?

Apparently, the luxury SUV market is ridiculously hot right now, especially in North America, China, and the Middle East. At Geneva in March, Bentley will finally unveil its first-ever "ultra-luxury" SUV. Even though the majority of buyers won't come close to leaving the pavement, while paying a considerable premium over a Range Rover, Bentley already believes it has a huge success on its hands. So perhaps that's why, according to a report from Autocar, the UK firm is now planning a smaller SUV.

This would make sense because Bentley has a sales goal of 20,000 cars a year by 2020. A goal like that isn't achieved with just coupes and sedans. A couple of premium SUVs will be required. The full-size one will be powered by the familiar W12 as well as V8 and plug-in hybrid trims. Assuming Bentley proceeds with the second SUV, a likely launch date could be sometime in 2018. Its targeted audience? Wealthier people tired of their Range Rover Evoques and Porsche Macans.

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