Bentley Axes Mulsanne Convertible

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This was a car we fully expected to see make it to production. Bentley, however, is too wrapped up in its SUV project to care.

The Mulsanne Convertible Concept unveiled to a private few at Pebble Beach 2012 and revealed in sketch form to us undeserving peasants, will not enter production. "We will not do that car" said Bentley CEO Wolfgang Schreiber to Car and Driver at Frankfurt. Demand for a drop-top Mulsanne would come from the US and certain parts of Europe and according to the Bentley boss "that will not be enough demand for a good business case." This is just one reason Bentley is nixing the project, however.

The marque is currently pumping plenty of cash into its upcoming SUV, which is sure to be a hit across the globe, and can't justify supporting another serious investment at the same time. Especially one that would only yield a couple of hundred sales. Consider that in 2012, Bentley only sold 1,169 Mulsannes. On the other hand the Falcon, as the SUV is expected to be dubbed, promises to be the world's most luxurious SUV that Chinese and Russian buyers will lap up on masse.

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