Bentley Bacalar Painted In All Colors Of The Rainbow

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The inspiring competition comes as the manufacturer resumes production.

What's the hardest part of buying a new Bentley? Besides handing over a handsome sum of money, creating your perfect British masterpiece is made all the more complex by the manufacturer's massive range of exterior colors. For those who can't decide, maybe it's best just to get one Bentley in all your favorite colors, and now we get to see what that could look like.

Dubbed the Bentley Mulliner Bacalar design contest, the competition saw Bentley colleagues and their families being tasked to come up with a unique paint treatment for the Bacalar, which seems to look majestic no matter what color it is. The winning entry was a rainbow-themed car, painted in seven vibrant shades, and serving as a dramatic display of the expansive Bentley color palette.

Bentley Bentley Bentley

The winning design entrant was someone known simply as Eleanor, and her rainbow creation was selected by Stefan Sielaff, Bentley's Director of Design. It's definitely a Bentley Bacalar unlike any other, with each of the seven shades wrapping around the entire width of the drop-top and blending into one another, starting with Dragon Red on top.

Below that, the slim taillamps slice through a combination of Orange Flame, Yellow Flame, and Apple Green. Lower down is Jetstream, Sequin Blue, and Azure Purple. Each color is shown individually in the pictures used here on models like the Bentayga SUV and the Flying Spur.

Sequin Blue (pictured on the Flying Spur) has quite a memorable story, as it was originally a special request from a customer who - wait for it - wanted her car to match the shade of a sequin on a ball gown she loved. The color has gone on to become one of the brand's top 10 most requested.

Bentley Bentley Bentley

More than just a design competition, Bentley expressed that the rainbow concept represented symbols of gratefulness and hope. As the world continues to contend with the Covid-19 pandemic, these qualities are more pertinent than ever.

The manufacturer has resumed production at its Crewe plant, where 3D printing machines are also producing over 30,000 face shields to be donated to communities. This is in addition to 20,000 pairs of gloves and the delivery of food parcels.

It's great to see Bentley stepping outside of its usual operations to come up with a project that inspires; it's a little splash of optimism at a very difficult time.

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