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Bentley Begins Testing Carmaker’s First Ever SUV

Ultra-luxury SUV to arrive in 2016.

This may look like an Audi Q7, but appearances can be deceptive. Tell-tale signs that you are in fact looking at Bentley SUV include the British license plates, the wider body and some unusual changes to the front end to hide the bigger coolers. The wheels and brakes are also considerably bigger, and in turn, the fenders have widened. Even though Bentley has yet to reveal a final design or price for its upcoming ultra-luxury SUV, the British carmaker has already taken 2,000 pre-orders.

While the body remains a secret, we know the SUV will be underpinned by VW’s third-gen SUV platform that will also be shared with the Lamborghini Urus and second-gen Audi Q7. Power will come from either a twin-turbo V8 or the carmaker’s W12 engine. Bentley plans to unveil the SUV in 2016.

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