Bentley Bentayga Set To Spawn A Range Of New Ultra-Luxurious SUVs

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We could also see a LWB version and even a two-door Bentayga SUV.

Bentley's sales analyzers predicted that the company would sell 3,600 Bentayga SUVs before 2016 was over, but they've been a bit off in their predictions because on the current trajectory, the number of deliveries will sit closer to 5,600 by year's end. The extra profits from its SUV venture has left Bentley with a buffet of options on which to spend the money, but if it wants to maintain the lead, it has to act fast. Speaking to Autocar, Bentley divulged that it is using the cash and time that it's bought itself to add to the the Bentayga's lineup.


Bentley CEO Wolfgang Durheimer expanded by saying, "We are the first in the luxury SUV space and at the moment unopposed, but there are lots of rivals coming to the sector. The question we need to answer is if there is space for all these different body styles." Durheimer's main issue is the there are almost too many viable options lying on the decision table. Given that the Bentayga treads new ground for both automaker and auto industry, it's important to heavily consider options that could start a new trend or end up heaped onto the pile of failed ideas. A few of the options being considered would add to the two Bentayga options currently on sale, which include the 6.0-liter W12 gasoline Bentayga and 4.0-liter diesel V8.

Models under consideration include a hybrid option, a highly-tuned performance variant, a long wheelbase version, and even a two-door Bentayga. The LWB Bentayga would be aimed squarely at the Chinese market while the high performance SUV would appeal to the speed demons that would otherwise opt for the Range Rover's go-fast off-roaders. Bentley's head of engineering, Rolf Frech, mentioned that while there is room for a dynamic and souped-up Bentayga Speed, Bentley cannot go overboard with it. "We can make dynamically focused cars that are extreme, but only for very special occasions," he said. "They cannot impinge on Bentley's core DNA," said Frech.


Overall, Durheimer's revelations are good news since it means we'll soon see Bentley get more creative with the Bentayga. Just don't expect any smaller Bentley SUVs (think Porsche Macan-sized) for the time being since Durheimer wants to stick to Bentley's tradition of building land barges for now.


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