Bentley Builds Barber Buckets

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Crewe's craftsmen moonlight by retrofitting antique barber chairs for one of London's premier salons.

In order to make the interiors of its luxury sedans and coupes as special as they are, Bentley employs some of the finest craftsmen in England. But those artisans don't only make seats and dashboards for cars, fine as they are. Every once in a while, Bentley takes on projects for external clients, like these latest barber's chairs it has refitted for premier London shop Pankhurst. For its new salon on Newburgh Street, Pankhurst sent its antique chairs to Crewe for sumptuous reupholstery.

Bentley replaced parts of the wood frame – ditching the ash trays in the process – then inserted new foam padding, remade the suspension system and upholstered them in the finest hides. Some were cloaked in Fire Glow leather with linen-colored stitching and piping from the Continental GT, while others were fitted with Burnt Oak leather with Mulliner-style sitching. All told, six chairs were crafted for the new shop, from which Pankhurst's barbers will now be treating London gentleman to traditional haircuts with a modern twist – all in the most sumptuous of style.

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