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Bentley Continental GT Le Mans Edition by Pfaff Tuning

Special Edition / 31 Comments

Limited edition Conti becomes even more exclusive thanks to some special style items.

This year, Bentley celebrated the 90th anniversary of Le Mans – where it claimed six wins of the legendary endurance race – by introducing limited edition variants of the Continental GT and Mulsanne. Only 48 examples of each are being made, sporting unique wheels, badges, and interior. But for some, that exclusivity is insufficient. This particular example has been sexed up with some aftermarket goodies by Pfaff Tuning.

After fitting the British carmaker's carbon-fiber body kit, the Ontario-based tuner added a Vorsteiner carbon-fiber lip spoiler, a Fabspeed center X-pipe, a Renntech V3 digital lowering module, and a set of 22-inch ADV5.0 DC alloys finished with a liquid smoke center and brush tinted lip. Hat tip to Mike!

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