Bentley Continental Supersports Killed with Yellow Accents

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Up for sale at a UK Bentley dealership, this is an overkill that's not going to be easy to shift.

The magnetic grey metallic paintjob on the Bentley may well be a little glum but that's no excuse for ruining it with bizarre yellow accents. Apparently the color was a special order and features on the dash surround, in the contrast stitching, the gear shifter, wheels, paddle shifters, hood vents and side graphics; and now Colchester Bentley Dealership in Essex, UK, are trying to find a buyer for this monstrosity which the have priced at a cool £125,000.

With only 1,480 miles on the odometer since May 2011, the Bentley hasn't had much road time, and unless someone turns up with plenty of cash and little taste, there's a chance it will remain stationary for some time.

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