Bentley Creates New Soundtrack To Show Off The Naim Audio System

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This is one high-end sound system.

Bentley is one of the top names in automotive luxury, and does more than just manufacture luxury cars; it curates luxury experiences. The legendary British automaker, which is currently undergoing a major shift to electric vehicles, is proud of its exclusive brand image, and offers its customers a massive range of customizability, and is even getting into the hotel game. To drive home the point that Bentley is all about refined experiences, the brand has now collaborated with Hollywood music producer, Steve Mazzaro to create a bespoke soundtrack that will "demonstrate the unrivaled abilities of the pinnacle Naim in-car audio system" in the Bentley Flying Spur.

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Instead of going for classics such as Darude Sandstorm or Firestarter by The Prodigy, Bentley decided to team up with Mazzaro, who's discography includes scores to No Time to Die and Dune, to come up with a unique sound that would push the 2,200 watt Niam audio system to its limits.

The nearly ten-minute long track "The Extraordinary Journey" is broken up into three chapters, with the first chapter being driven by crisp and energetic flamenco guitar and gentle piano and backed by ethnic percussion. The second chapter is more old-world and features a rich deluge of string instruments with touches of acoustic guitar. Finally, the third chapter gets the blood pumping with an electronica-driven symphony backed by electric guitar. The piece features artists such as cellist Tina Guo, Violinist Molly Rogers, and Drummer Satnam Ramorta.

Bentley Bentley Bentley Bentley

The Naim sound system is a piece of engineering marvel, and makes use of a 2,200 watt amplifier and 21 speakers. Nine 80-mm advanced balanced mode radiators deliver mid-range punch while four 6x9 bass drivers and a subwoofer drop the low keys. Top notes are reached by 25-mm "Super Tweeters".

Users access the music menu through a 12.3-inch HD touchscreen. This system is considered one of the most powerful OEM systems available on the market utilizing an advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) system that optimizes sound delivery depending on where in the car you are seated. This sound system is compatible with most modern streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

Bentley Bentley Bentley

"We know that music is a passion of many of our customers - indeed, the Bentley x Naim sound system is specified on almost 40 per cent of customer orders. It's been a great pleasure to work with Steve Mazzaro to craft a piece of music to really demonstrate the prowess of the system. His talent, experience and incredible artistry have been inspirational to us. While the finished piece sounds amazing however you hear it, to truly appreciate every element of it you have to hear it in a Naim-equipped Bentley, where it's unlike any in-car music experience I've ever had," says Alain Favey, Bentley's Member of the Board for Sales, Marketing and Aftersales.

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