Bentley Gets Extreme With New Tech On The Bentayga

The luxury barge is getting a type of boost you may have never heard of.

A lead engineer at Bentley recently confirmed that the dieselversion of the British automaker’s SUV model will feature electricturbocharging. Audi, with its close business and engineering ties, has also said that the next Q7 model will feature this same sort oftechnology. Although the future of the Volkswagen Group, which owns both Audiand Bentley, seems volatile, it is speculated that the VW Group’s cheating inU.S. emissions testing will not impact the introduction of e-charging.

Withthe arrival of the new Bentayga, we don’t yet know what the engine displacementwill be, but we do know that electronically assisted turbo charging will onlybe offered on Audi and Bentley’s diesel models of the Q7 and Bentayga. Accordingto Nick Gibbs of Automotive News, this new sort of turbocharging “has been madepossible thanks to the introduction of the 48-volt electric system in theBentayga.” On a related note, e-charging will also enhance the car’s “active rollcontrol” and “dynamic ride system,” an intriguing new piece of tech that candisengage the SUV’s anti-roll bars on command to deliver a smoother drivingexperience in certain conditions.

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